Ayurveda – A journey unto Oneself

Good health is a sense of wellness; your entire body operating at ease with no disruption, you feel a carefree state of being – well being . India established a radical approach to health care, Ayurveda: which implies science of life.

It is revolutionary. Elsewhere we have systems of medicine, and medicine merely suggests towards illness. Health has absolutely nothing to do with medicine. Medication indicates that the entire science is dedicated to treating you from illness.

Ayurveda has a radical view. It is the science of life; it assists you, to avoid illness from occurring – to keep you so healthy that the illness ends up being difficult to happen. The methods of the East and the West are divisive on this point, whether human being is a device or a spiritual entity with a wholeness.

Think about someone having a fever. The body is hot, the temperature level has actually gone high. This is a sign; do not begin treating the body of the temperature level. You can treat it: you can put the guy under a cold shower, ice cold. In the starting it might even appear that things are being assisted, however keep in mind, you will not have the ability to treat him of the illness – you might treat him of life itself. He will pass away – due to the fact that the fever is a sign. The fever just reveals that inside the body there is a terrific war, an essential war. The defence of the body remain in war, thats why heat is developed. Thats why there is a fever. The body is not at ease. A civil war has actually broken out inside the body. Some aspects of the body are combating other aspects, perhaps foreign components. Due to the fact the heat has actually come out. The heat is simply a sign that the war has actually broken out, they are in a dispute;. The war needs to be dealt with, not the temperature level.

The temperature level is simply to provide you a message; Now you need to do something; things have exceeded me; The body is offering you an indicator; Things are now beyond me; I cant refrain from doing something. Do something. Go to the physician, to the healer. Take assistance; now it is beyond you. Whatsoever might be done I have actually done, and now say goodbye to can be done. The war has actually broken out.

Never ever deal with the sign, and do not lose time in dealing with the sign; constantly go to the cause. And this is not a hypothesis, and this is not a theory.

In regular life have you enjoyed? When you feel joyful you forget the body. And whenever someone is unfortunate he cannot forget the body. Only when someone is joyful he forgets his body.

In ayurveda the meaning of health is most revealing; no other medical science anywhere in the world has actually offered such a meaning. Western medication has no meaning of health. At the most they can state: When there are no illness, then you are healthy. This is not a meaning of health. What kind of meaning, when you bring illness in to specify health? You state, When there are no illness you are healthy. It is an unfavorable meaning, not favorable.

Ayurveda states – Videha: when you do not feel the body – you are healthy. You can see for example: the head can be found just when the headache comes. Otherwise who minds about the head? You are never ever aware about the head. Headache brings awareness; otherwise you are headless. And if you continually remember your head, there need to be something incorrect.

When breathing is healthy you are not mindful at all, however when something fails – asthma, bronchitis, something fails – then you know. The breathing exists with much noise, sound and whatever, and you can not forget it. When your legs are exhausted then you understand them. Just then you end up being mindful when something goes incorrect. If whatever is working completely, you forget it. This is the revelation of health in Ayurveda: when you forget the body totally, you are healthy.

Thanks for reading my views on wellness and ayurveda!


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